All Your Scifi Are Belong To Us

Chris and Jonah Nolan, the brother duo behind The Dark Knight, Memento, The Prestige, and Inception, are slowly destroying and fulfilling my dreams.

Science fiction, as a film genre, has been perceived by studio insiders as expensive and unwarranted. A genre that doesn’t cross quadrants. A specialty for geeks. It didn’t matter how many times directors, producers and writers pointed to Star Wars or The Terminator. For every Star Wars, there were a hundred Ice Pirates, Time Bandits and Cyborgs. Millions of begging fans are crying out for their favorite stories to be told on film, yet movies like Akira, Ghost In The Shell and Snow Crash haven’t been made yet. Hollywood has been too slow to keep up.

For several years, I have been teaching myself how to make films. I’m getting better. The reason I’ve been doing this is to make science fiction. As a fan, I have felt marginalized by the film industry for at least fifteen years. They don’t invest in single quadrant films anymore. It’s really not their fault though.

In Hollywood, promoting a movie costs more than making one. They have determined that, from a business point of view, they really shouldn’t be spending those marketing dollars unless they are pretty sure the movie will make a lot of money.

Recently there were only a couple of widely distributed science fiction films unafraid to speak to adults. For 2012 there was only Looper, comic book movies and remakes. If five more filmmakers per year would release a single decent piece of science fiction, we might not feel so exasperated as adult filmgoers.


I have written several treatments and ideas for films. The plan is to make them in house, using my creative and business expertise to keep costs down. We don’t have to make 200 Million dollars in order to be profitable. A million will do it. Half a million will do it.

So what’s the problem? Christopher and Jonathan Nolan apparently have all the same film ideas that I do, except they also have access to the money people, and Warner Brothers wants to put out everything the Nolans work on.

I have an idea for showing the evolution of humanity from what we are now into limitless beings of energy who spread physically throughout the Universe. I’m telling it in a film trilogy I call The Alpha Trilogy. Chris Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas are producing a film for their buddy (and personal hero of mine) Wally Pfister, the cinematographer for almost all of Chris’s films. This new movie, Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp, is about the struggle between some scientists and luddites, over the future of the technological singularity. As a fan, I’m ecstatic that this film is being made. As a filmmaker, I’m dying over here.

To make matters worse (or better), Chris and Jonah are doing a piece of space opera called Interstellar. It sounds similar to one of my ideas called Resonance Frame. Seems like no matter what I think up, someone named Nolan has been there already. This is my annoyance, and great pleasure all at the same time.

Will any of this change my plans?

Absolutely not. There is more than enough interest to support a scifi film release per month. I’m excited about the future of science fiction and you should be too.


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