Solving The X-Files: The 15 Best X-Files Episodes for New Viewers

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The Best X-Files. A huge debate for fans, but even tougher for those who aren’t. You’ve been trying to convince one of your close friends, or significant other/others (no judging here!) to give The X-Files a try. It’s not working. You’re too close to the problem. Showing them revelations about the CSM, or Samantha, or Scully’s abduction segment isn’t having the effect you intended.

The problem is that you were stunned and awed by those events after watching years’ worth of episodes. Then you try to sum up that feeling with a sentence like, “Well Mulder’s sister was kidnapped when he was a boy.” You need to start with self-contained episodes that don’t require previous viewer knowledge. Episodes where the viewer can intuit some of the relationships between the characters from their reactions, instead of drawing on show history.

Another problem that long time X-Files viewers have is their resentment of David Duchovny’s reduced involvement starting with season eight. They’ve not made room for how good some of the Doggett episodes are.

In search of the best x-files episodes to show your friends, here are some loglines to get them interested: Continue reading

All Your Scifi Are Belong To Us

Chris and Jonah Nolan, the brother duo behind The Dark Knight, Memento, The Prestige, and Inception, are slowly destroying and fulfilling my dreams.

Science fiction, as a film genre, has been perceived by studio insiders as expensive and unwarranted. A genre that doesn’t cross quadrants. A specialty for geeks. It didn’t matter how many times directors, producers and writers pointed to Star Wars or The Terminator. For every Star Wars, there were a hundred Ice Pirates, Time Bandits and Cyborgs. Millions of begging fans are crying out for their favorite stories to be told on film, yet movies like Akira, Ghost In The Shell and Snow Crash haven’t been made yet. Hollywood has been too slow to keep up. Continue reading